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Services & Rates

Not sure which service is right for you, or want more information?
I offer a FREE 15-minute consult and explanation of services over the phone or via email for all services.

Life Coach
As a life coach, I provide insightful guidance and with purposeful strategies to navigate life challenges to help you create and develop a plan for success.
We will work together to overcome old barriers and roadblocks with transformative, sustainable change. My goal is to help you find the right care, education, information, or motivation you are looking for to improve your life and get better results with your goals.
The coaching process can target specific personal or business projects, relationship goals, as well as general conditions and transitions in your personal life. We address what is going on right now, examining what your obstacles are, and choosing a plan of action to make your life be what you want it to be.
Our coaching partnership is the seat of self-discovery, focused on action, and preferred results. You will be pushed, intellectually and emotionally stimulated, and empowered with a new results-driven approach to your life.

Doctor of Psychology
Since each person is unique, we all require different approaches help us reach our goals. I have a wide range of tools and techniques that I use, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Psychodynamic Insight Oriented Therapy, Attachment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Holistic healing. Together we will determine your treatment goals and identify a plan for achieving positive change.
Your ability to feel comfortable and at ease with a counselor, can only help you to address difficult or painful parts of your life. I am looking to assist those that are looking for counseling with life stressors related to mood, stress, trauma, abuse, work, school, and relationships.

Behavior Analyst / Consultant
The professional practice of behavior analysis ranges from treatment of individuals with autism and developmental disabilities to behavioral coaching and behavioral psychotherapy. As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, I help build the children's skills in school settings, enhancing the development, abilities, and choices of children and adults with different kinds of disabilities. I will help you or your child replace unwanted behaviors with more appropriate and functional behaviors.

Spiritual Advisor
As a spiritual advisor, my goal is to assist you walking your spiritual path. Using meditation, prayer, and blessings, I help further your understanding of the spiritual world and after-life, including your aura, chakras, and outside energies. I provide knowledge to identify, clear, and balance your environment and energy field from negative energies and influences. This includes protection from psychic, energy, and entity attacks.

I am currently licensed as a Board Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D) in the state of Massachusetts. I am currently credentialed for services in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis with the following insurances: United Behavioral Health (UBH), Aetna, Magellan, Tricare, Mass Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Tufts Health Care, and Beacon Health Strategies.

Not sure which service is right for you, or want more information?
I offer a FREE 15-minute consult and explanation of services over the phone or via email for all services.

$80 - 30 minutes
$150 - 1 hour
$220 - 1.5 hours
$285 - 2 hours

Material Preparation billed $60 every 30 minutes

Note that all rates include a weekly check in via email to check on progress if desired

Packages and/or Combination of Services
$415 - 3 hours
$540 - 4 hours
$660 - 5 hours
$1,185 - 10 hours

Unless alternate arrangements are made, payment is due at the time of your session.

Sliding Scale
I have a limited number of openings for a reduced fee schedule. For these slots, I am happy to negotiate a fee that fits your budget.

If you need/want to cancel a scheduled appointment, please give me 24 hours notice. If you do not give me 24 hours notice, you will be responsible for the entire cost of the session.
  • Death of friends or family or serious illness sometimes come without notice. I will not bill you for missed sessions or late cancellations due to a death or if you are experiencing a sudden unexpected serious illness.
  • In the case of Mother Nature (snow storm, severe storm) causing a safety concern in driving, I will leave it up to you to determine if you can make it to a session. When it snows and the plows have not yet had a chance to clear the roads, I will leave it up to you to decide whether or not you feel comfortable driving. Under these circumstances, I will not charge you for late cancellations.