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"Nicholas has had an impressive array of professional and educational experience. He is particularly well-prepared in working with children who have various forms of autism and other developmental handicaps. He has worked in and with school systems and has already been in positions of considerable responsibility. He also has significant experience and success in guiding others through their personal healing and journey. Nicholas combines a good empathetic sensibility with well-developed behavioral skills."
- Bennett T. Ph.D., Clinical Supervisor at North Shore Medical Center

"He has really helped me. He allows me to open up and be myself which I can't do elsewhere. He lets me cry a lot and let it out when I don't feel comfortable doing that at other times. He helps me to release it all and find ways to move on from the grieving and sadness."
- Susan, Client in Lynn, MA.

"I've suffered from extreme anxiety since my teens. Working with Nicholas has been extremely helpful. I've also experienced many paranormal and spiritual experiences. Nicholas' approach is very unique in that he uses both psychological and spiritual aspects in our sessions. We work on CBT techniques to decrease my anxiety and panic attacks and explore various healing techniques to explore my spiritual experiences. He has given me tools to cleanse my environment which has helped decrease my anxiety and speed up my healing. For those looking for a healing experience with one's mind, body, and soul, Nicholas is the person for you."
- Paul, Client from the North Shore, MA.

"When I walked in to Nick's office almost a year ago I couldn't even speak to him about myself without crying. I was an emotionally drained, spiritually lost, new mother who strived for perfection. The best thing about Nick is that you can talk to him as you would talk to anyone you have known for ages without the feeling of being judged or diagnosed. With Nick's coaching, I have learned accepting my perception of perfection might be a tad distorted and that by accepting your spiritual self, everything will fall into place. With Nick's help I have discovered ways to work through some of my insecurities to empower myself into being the best mother and partner I can be."
Renee, Client from North Shore, MA.

"I have referred clients in the child, adolescent, and adult age groups, and the feedback from all of them has been very positive. He is also very effective at family counseling."
- Carol H., Coworker at North Shore Medical Center in Lynn, MA.